"I'm only suggesting that power could be diverted from the production plant to shore up the overtaxed shield generator. That will allow us to enlarge the footprint of the defensive umbrella to encompass a greater part of the city itself—perhaps all the way from the western outskirts to Amboo Square and most of the historic center."
―Galen Erso to Roman Herbane[src]

Amboo Square was a location in the city Fucallpa on the planet Lokori. During the Clone Wars, a battle was fought on Lokori between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Galactic Republic. When the Separatists began to bomb Fucallpa, scientist Galen Erso suggested to his boss Roman Herbane that power from the production plant in Fucallpa be diverted to the plants shield generator which would allow them to encompass a greater portion of the city, including Amboo Square.[1]


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