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At some point before the end of the Great Hyperspace War,[1] a Sith obelisk was constructed on the Inner Rim world of Ambria. Located in the north central regions of the planet,[3] the obelisk was created and imbued with the power of the dark side by a Sith sorceress.[4] A black-colored spike-shaped structure, the obelisk took hundreds of years to build at the behest of the sorceress, who depleted much of Ambria's natural resources and enslaved the planet's native inhabitants.[2] Upon completing the obelisk,[3] the sorceress conducted a complicated Sith ritual, harnessing an immense amount of dark side energy in an attempt to bind the entire world to her will. The sorceress was killed,[5] however, after she lost control of the power that was unleashed upon Ambria,[3] destroying all living beings on the planet and infusing what remained with the dark side.[2]


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