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In 7 ABY, during the Bacta War, Rogue Squadron ambushed a bacta convoy under Captain Ait Convarion in a star system with a red dwarf and a dust disk.


After the hijacking of several Bacta Tankers, Fliry Vorru suggested and Ysanne Isard agreed to suspend direct shipment and to implement a convoy system under which the Bacta Tankers will have been escorted to centralized locations where the client worlds would come to get their bacta. To hit the escorted convoys would be a difficult task for Rogue Squadron, so the Zaltin faction initiated an operation to get some of the bacta anyway. The Ashern sliced new code into the navicomps of three Bact Tankers which were part of a small convoy escorted by the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter. The sliced codes produced a course deviation in the final leg of their trip to the Rishi system and the three ships were met by Rogue Squadron in a star system.

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Wedge Antilles convinced the captains of Xucphra Meander and of Xucphra Rose to surrender. Xucphra Alazhi tried to stop the Meander, so Antilles order Gavin Darklighter and Riv Shiel to disarm the ship. After having lost its two turbolasers, the captain of the Xucphra Alazhi surrendered. Meanwhile, while waiting at the previous transit point, the Corrupter had tracked the exit vectors of all the ships in his convoy. The discovery that three ships had deviation from the planned course prompted Captain Ait Convarion to follow them.

Corrupter's entry vector in the Rish system was the same used by the three tankers. Xucphra Alazhi, the last of the three tankers to make its jump to hyperspace, was using the same vector to exit the system. When the Imperial ship reverted to real space, it immediately opened fire, destroying the tanker, two of the Twi'lek Chir'daki starfighters and one X-wing, killing Riv Shiel. Having completed their mission, the surviving X-wing and Chir'daki starfighters jumped to hyperspace.


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