Amil Karsk was a Human male pilot who served in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. In 0 BBY, he was a member of Red Squadron prior to the Battle of Yavin.


During his fifteenth mission as a Rebel pilot, a raid against an Imperial convoy escorted by a Nebulon-B frigate, Karsk claimed his fifth TIE Fighter kill. However, Biggs Darklighter, on his first sortie, claimed the same TIE Fighter as the third of five kills of his own. Biggs agreed to Karsk have the kill, and afterward gave Karsk the third out any group of five things that Biggs received. In 0 BBY, Biggs allowed him to take the third of five scheduled patrols, escorting a courier ship to Alderaan. This mission left Karsk on the ground when the Death Star arrived, and he was killed in the Destruction of Alderaan.



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