An ammonia chamber was an airlocked room that could be filled with ammonia. The medical frigate Redemption had an ammonia chamber in the intensive care unit of its sick bay. This chamber contained a bed and an intercom that was mounted to the outside of the chamber's glass walls.[1]

After the Battle of Hoth, the Rebel Alliance agreed to treat Zuckuss, a Gand bounty hunter, for injuries that he had sustained earlier in the Galactic Civil War. This was in exchange for his services, when he had rescued over 90 wounded Rebels from the downed GR-75 medium transport, Bright Hope and delivered them to the planet of Darlyn Boda. Upon the Mist Hunter's arrival to the Rebel rendezvous point, Zuckuss was immediately taken to sick bay, where he was placed in an ammonia chamber. Inside that chamber, medical droids worked to regrow Zuckuss's oxygen-scarred tissue, which gave him functioning lungs within a few days of the surgery.[1]


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