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Amphibians were species that could breathe both air and water, and were equally at home in either.[1] Examples of sentient amphibious species included the Mon Calamari, the Chagrians,[2] the Gungans,[3] the Nautolans,[4] the Aqualish,[5] the Ishi Tib.[6] and the Karkarodon.[7] The planet of Dagobah was home to a number of quite common amphibian creatures.[8]'

Notable Amphibian SpeciesEdit

Notable Sentient Amphibian SpeciesEdit

  • Nautolans
  • Chagrians
  • Gungans
  • Mon Calamari
  • Quarren
  • Aqualish
  • Kaminoan
  • Karkaradon
  • Ishi Tib

Notable non-sentient amphibian speciesEdit



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