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An Old Friend Returns is a two-minute LEGO Mini Movie that is connected to LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles animated TV series. It is the ninth video and was released on YouTube on August 6, 2014.[1]

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On Dagobah, Yoda and the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi contact the former Sith clone Jek-14 by hologram. Jek, who is on Naboo, warns them that Darth Vader has recovered the Jedi holocrons. Kenobi fears about the terrible things that the Emperor can do with them.

Jek then witnesses Jar Jar Binks, Boss Rugor Nass , and several Gungans being pursued by several Imperial AT-AT and AT-ST walkers. Jek tells Yoda and Kenobi that the Empire is using the holocrons to identify and attack planets sympathetic to the rebellion. Jek the uses his droid arm to destroy two AT-ST walkers.

He the flies his Jedi Scout Fighter into space and then hurls a bolt of Force lightning through Vader's Imperial Star Destroyer, startling the Sith Lord. Jek then travels to Dagobah and his invisible ship startles Master Kenobi. Jek himself is frightened by Kenobi's ghostly apparition. Yoda then sighs that Jek is getting older than him.


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