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"Anakin Sal-Solo. Thrackan's offspring. That's what I am."
―Anakin Sal-Solo to Ben Skywalker[src]

Anakin Sal-Solo was the self-given name of a droid that controlled Centerpoint Station in 40 ABY and believed itself to be the resurrected Anakin Solo.

A four-meter tall, roughly humanoid agglomeration of parts, the droid was created on the orders of Thrackan Sal-Solo to operate the repulsors of Centerpoint for use as a weapon. The station's controls had been configured to accept only the input of Anakin Solo, and so the droid was built incorporating Anakin's biometric data and thought patterns. It was told that it was a mutant Human clone of Anakin, an illusion maintained by the altered images of itself it viewed over security holocams. Magnets were integrated into its framework to simulate the Force. It contained a dataport built into its head capable of accessing computer memory, though it was convinced that this, too, was a power granted by the Force, referring to it as its "Force interface with computer equipment." Also in the repulsor control room was a device that negated Force powers.

In 40 ABY, Ben Skywalker and Jacen Solo arrived on Centerpoint to deactivate or destroy the station. When Ben arrived in the repulsor control room he encountered the ersatz Anakin. While the droid was initially reluctant to believe it was not Human, the video feed from Ben's own holocam convinced it. However, it refused to go along with the plan to destroy Centerpoint Station, as it would result in many deaths. Instead, it offered to sacrifice itself, wiping its memory and scrambling the station's routines for accessing the repulsors to keep Sal-Solo or anyone else from using them again. In its final moments, the droid bemusedly referred to itself as "Anakin Sal-Solo," a reference to the fact that it had the mind of Anakin Solo and had been created by Thrackan Sal-Solo.



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