"And there we go. Sorry. It's just business."
―Ananah Kragana, after turning on some Republic operatives aboard Mezhra Station[src]

Ananah Kragana was a female Bith who served the Galactic Republic for many years, as a spy. However, during the Clone Wars, the Republic defector Special Agent Mocen Gundross persuaded Kragana to enter the service of the separatist Confederacy of Independent Systems. Over a period of several months, Kragana and Gundross worked together to turn valuable commodities and Republic agents over to the Confederacy. At some point during the conflict, a team of Republic operatives were dispatched to investigate Separatist operations on the planet Clak'dor VII, and in her guise as a servant of the Republic, Kragana flew the operatives to the orbital facility Mezhra Station aboard the starship Verdant Song. Once they had landed on the space station, Kragana turned on the operatives and attempted to capture them for the CIS.