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Anantapar was a tropical planet in the Yarith sector on the edge of the Ivax Nebula. Its native species seemed to be evolving around shellfish. At their current stage of evolution, the largest of these species could fit in a Human palm.


Located along the Corellian Trade Spine, the world was discovered circa 3000 BBY. Due to its primitive ecosystem, the world remained largely unvisited by tourists or colonists. Along with most of the Outer Spine, the world stayed independent from the central governments of the galaxy. As of 137 ABY, the world was controlled by the Empire of Darth Krayt.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The planet Anantapar was created for the Wizards of the Coast online article, WizardsoftheCoast Galactic Gazetteer: Hoth and the Greater Javin on (original article link, backup links on It was later referenced on a chart in the The Essential Atlas.



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