Anarine was a massive Human male and soldier in the Galactic Empire. He held the rank of Fleet Sergeant and was the personal bodyguard of Major Wil'm Grau, serving him throughout the crisis dealing with the Guardian of Forever.


Around 0 ABY, Anarine was onboard an Star Destroyer that was sent in pursuit of a stolen ship known as the Staraker. However, when the ship finally caught up with the Staraker in the Alashan system, the cruiser was blindsided and critically damaged by a superlaser fired by the Guardian of Forever. Six Imperials including Anarine were able to escape in an escape pod, but the rest presumably perished.

Arriving on the planet, the crew sought out the Staraker which had also become damaged and crashed on Alashan. After finding the ship, Anarine and the rest of the Imperials took the passengers of the ship, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa captive. However, both parties were stranded on the world, and they opted to work together to find a way off the planet.

Searching the Alashan wasteland, they came upon a destroyed Rebel archaeological site and a massive tunnel leading deep into the ground. Following the crafted tunnel the team discovered the massive city of Forever. The group began to explore the area, even as they began to be hunted down by the Guardian. In encounters with the Guardian, it had proved impervious to blaster fire, so Anarine and Grau rigged a trap for the monster.

Fixing explosives to a large tower, the two Imperials waited for the beast to enter the building before blowing the charges. The pounds of rubble fell down around the monster, but it was able to escape, cornering Grau and Anarine against the remainder of the building. However, just as it seemed that they would be finished, the monster teleported away. Grau and Anarine searched the city, desperately hoping to find where the creature had gone. Finally finding the beast in the Forever control center, Anarine, Grau, Organa, and Skywalker finally were able to kill the ferocious monster.

Anarine and Grau then left the world in the Staraker with the Rebels, where Organa offered the two men a position in the Rebel Alliance. However, Grau declined, and the men left the ship in an escape pod to return to the Empire.