Anat was an Airam Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser.


During the operations of Task Force Vengeance, it caught up in the seizure and inspection work of Star Destroyer Rage and Interdictor Compellor near the Blair Cluster. Angered at the Empire's foray into what was regarded as exclusively Airam space, Anat 's commander ordered the ship and its two Assassin-class corvette escorts, Grom 1 and Grom 2, to engage.

In hopes of enabling an escape, Anat deployed its Spike Squadron in its T-wing interceptors to engage the Imperial starfighters while its Mallet Squadron in its R-41 Starchasers was sent to torpedo the Compellor. The Anat failed and was torpedoed in turn by the Rage 's Beta Squadron TIE/sa bombers and finished off by both the fighters and the Star Destroyer.