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Anaxes space
Astrographical information

Core Worlds[1]


Azure sector[1]


Axum system[2]


Solis Axum[2]

Orbital position




Grid coordinates


Trade routes

Perlemian Trade Route[3]

Rotation period

26 standard hours[3]

Orbital period

352 local days[3]

Physical information



16,100 kilometers[2]


Type I Oxygen Mix[2]





Primary terrain
Points of interest
Native flora

Sirpar tree

Native fauna


Societal information
Native species


Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard




512 million[2]

Major cities

Pols Anaxes (capital)

Major imports
  • Raw material[3]
  • Consumer goods[3]
  • Processed foods[3]
Major exports
  • High-tech goods[3]

Anaxes was a fortress world located in the Axum system of the Core Worlds, and was known as the Defender of the Core by the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire. It was located on the Perlemian Trade Route and shared its sun, Solis Axum, with Selgon, Grastes, Axum, Urfon, Phlors Rex, Phlors Regina, and Ichium.



Imperial parade in Pols Anaxes.

Discovered by early space-faring Humans before the foundation of the Galactic Republic, colonists from Coruscant settled the world after arriving on Sleeper ships. For tens of thousands of years the Anaxsi inhabited the world, forming the Azure Imperium to rule the surrounding planets. Serving the throneworld of Axum as the primary shipyard of the Imperium, Anaxes was a fortress world ever since.

By 25,000 BBY, it was one of the Core Founders of the Galactic Republic.[3].

When the Republic began to stretch outward from the Core, the Imperium peacefully assimilated into the government, combining both defense fleets into a powerful navy. Flourishing over the next several centuries, Anaxes was home to the Republic Navy War College, the primary naval strategy facility in the galaxy, housed in the massive Anaxes Citadel, which was established with Republic funding to consecrate the power and prestige of the Republic Navy. In 5000 BBY the Great Hyperspace War saw the need for a naval counter-offensive at Coruscant. Sending the Navy from Anaxes, the threat to the capital world was averted. Following the Ruusan Reformations, the Naval College was renamed the College of Planetary Security Forces.[3]

During the Republic's Golden Age, Anaxes produced many notable Admirals and navy personnel. Amongst them were Admiral Wullf Yularen, the Holt family, and crime lord Tyber Zann who was born in 34 BBY. The Holt Cross was bestowed upon the world's naval base, one of the highest certificates of honor a world could receive.[4]

When war broke out once more in 22 BBY, Anaxes began to assist the Grand Army of the Republic in the fight against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In 20 BBY, the Battle of Anaxes was fought between the Galactic Republic Victory Fleet, led by Captain Jan Dodonna and Captain Terrinald Screed, and the Separatist Bulwark Fleet, led by Commander Dua Ningo. The Republic was eventually victorious after killing the CIS Commander and utterly destroying the fleet. A pivotal battle in the war, the outcome decided who would control the Core Worlds and as such, the victors were widely proclaimed as heroes.[5]


Rebel T2-B tanks raiding Anaxes.

When the Galactic Empire rose to power in 19 BBY, many career officers from "generational" families were cast aside for devotees of the Empire. However, they also made sure the wellsprings of the Navy's tradition continued. Anaxes soon became the command center for the Imperial Center Oversector, a move by Emperor Palpatine to smooth over any misgivings the world's populace might have towards his ascension to power and restructuring of the Imperial Navy. Upon the creation of Azure Hammer Command, whose Super Star Destroyer Whelm and fifty-seven other capital ships defended Sector Zero, Anaxes was chosen as its command base. A separate command called Azure Shield was created to protect the Azure sector and its neighbors.[4]

Commanded by Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik until the Battle of Yavin, Azure Hammer Command, the Anaxes Citadel, and all forces in Sector Zero were constantly changed hands as warlords attempted to take the throne after Palpatine's death. While Admiral Osted Wermis tried to hold out for many months, the death of Warlord Zsinj pushed Wermis towards signing a treaty with the New Republic. Wermis' hand was forced when Admiral Feyet Kiez absconded from the Axum system in 9 ABY with the Star Dreadnought Whelm, having been summoned by the resurrected Emperor Palpatine to his growing empire in the Deep Core. The linchpin of his defense gone, Wermis surrendered Anaxes to the New Republic shortly afterwards.

A sign of stability and comfort to New Republic citizens, the world held out through the Yuuzhan Vong War, though its involvement was unremarkable. After the Galactic Alliance agreed to defend the Fel Empire should another threat arise during the Treaty of Anaxes in 127 ABY, the Moff Council betrayed the Alliance to the One Sith and war broke out again, seeing the destruction of the Alliance and Jedi Order.[3]



Anaxes from space.

While not as industrialized as Axum, Anaxes was more prestigious, home to many families associated with a tradition of service in the Fleet. It was home to Azure Motorworks, a major producer of luxury vehicles. Considered an ecumenopolis, in that it was a planet-wide city, it was more reminiscent of a Green Coruscant, though, in that it was sprinkled with beautiful parks and green areas in and around the city like the Great Plain of Anaxes.[2]

Anaxes was also home to Keffis, which the resident Anaxsi bred for not only riding, but prestige. They were often used in areas deemed off-limits to most vehicles by the Anaxsi, such as the capital.[2]

The primary icon of power for not only Anaxes, but the Azure Imperium and Imperial Navy, was Anaxes Citadel, a massive complex of training schools, research labs, intelligence centers, offices, archives, and parade grounds that also served as the main governmental building on the planet. The terraced Sirpar Hills above the Citadel were dotted with estates held by families that may have not been Old Anaxsi, but whose names were synonymous with naval service. Sirpar Station was the dividing guard post between the Hills and the Citadel.[2]

The planet also gave its name to Anaxes Station, a space station near the planet, on the fringes of the Axum system.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Anakin's involved on/off throughout the arc but it's mostly Rex in charge of The Batch. Takes place on Anaxes & Skako Minor."
―Brent Friedman, on the unproduced Star Wars: The Clone Wars arc featuring "The Bad Batch"[src]

Anaxes was created by author Jason Fry for the book Coruscant and the Core Worlds.

In May 2014, Brent Friedman, a writer for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, revealed that Anaxes would have been featured in a four-episode story arc that he wrote. The arc, though never produced, would have focused on a clone commando unit called The Bad Batch.[6] Jason Fry admitted he was disappointed that the planet he created didn't make it into the series.[7]



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