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This article is about the planet. You may be looking for Fort Anaxes, a Republic military outpost located on Anaxes and later the Anaxes asteroid belt that was created after the planet's destruction.

Anaxes was a planet in the galaxy, with red-colored plant life covering a large portion of the rocky world's surface.


Anaxes was loyal to the Galactic Republic and housed a prominent shipyard facility. During the Clone Wars, Anaxes was attacked by a Confederate fleet under the command of Admiral Trench.[1]

Following the end of the Clone Wars, a cataclysmic event destroyed the planet,[3] leaving behind an asteroid belt.[4] Fort Anaxes, a Republic military base constructed on Anaxes during the Clone Wars, survived the planet's obliteration on the surface of the newly created[3] asteroid PM-1203.[5]

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