Anaxes Citadel

Layout of the Anaxes Citadel.

The Anaxes Citadel was a massive complex of training schools, research labs, intelligence centers, offices, archives, and parade grounds on the planet Anaxes. It served as the primary governmental building for the planet.


Built before 700 BBY, during the time of the Azure Imperium, it allowed the Old Republic to station its largest defensive force in the Solis Axum System, and also housed the Republic Navy War College. Roughly a third the size of Coruscant's Imperial Palace, the Anaxes Citadel was nevertheless more impressive to most naval officers, for it was here on the Azure Walk that the Navy's highest honors were bestowed.[1]

The terraced hills above the Citadel were dotted with estates held by families that may not have been Old Anaxsi, but whose names were also synonymous with naval service.[1]

Until the Battle of Yavin, the Citadel answered to Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik.[2]



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