The Ancient Stasis Zone was the name given to the northernmost section of the Tomb, an ancient prison built on the planet Belsavis by the Rakata. A tropical rift like the other sections of the Tomb, the Zone featured several zedalus trees, and was connected to various other sections of the Tomb—the Ancient Rakatan Keep to the south by the Lavaflow Traverse, the Warlord's Deep by the Icewall Ravine to the west, and Frozencavern Canyon to the east. The Oasis Republic Post was located in the Zone, and the walls of the zone were lined by Rakatan stasis vaults, many of which were damaged during the invasion of Belsavis—the Primal Destroyer was released and began roaming the lake in the middle of the zone.[1]

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The Ancient Stasis Zone appears a subregion of the Tomb on Belsavis in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.[1]



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