Andews Rolo was a male criminal.


Andews Rolo was a male who turned to crime at a young age, eventually coming to lead the Spectrader Ring, a gang that operated on over thirty planets. Despite this, Rolo was a mere nuisance to the Galactic Empire, and was eventually captured. However, he was left alive and exiled to the prison moon Captivity. This was due to the influence of a Grand Moff who believed the threat of his return would keep the new, more pliant, leaders of the Spectrader Ring in line. Upon arrival on Captivity, Rolo organized the other criminals on the moon into a vicious band of cutthroats, who grew to dominate the other groups of prisoners, save a group of political prisoners led by former Imperial Navy Captain Dedelin.[1]

When a group of Alliance to Restore the Republic agents purposely got themselves interred on Captivity disguised as the Rajah of Virujansi and his Royal Court to rescue the political prisoners, Rolo found them first. After an altercation with his group, the Alliance team encountered Dedelin and his group, and rescued them.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Rolo's descent into criminality was caused by two factors; necessity, and his own hatred towards society in general. He was a shrewd, bitter man with a vicious streak. While on Captivity, Rolo's hair was matted and scraggly, but his beard was perfectly trimmed.[1]


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