The Ando Overland was a podracing course on Ando Prime, and one of the most important courses in the times of the Galactic Republic, second only to the Boonta Eve Classic.[1]


The Overland was controlled by the Desilijic clan, giving them de facto financial control over the planet. Although the Corporate Sector Authority also coveted Ando Prime, they never managed to wrestle the local podracing business from the Hutts. One mid-level agent of the CSA, Kaeline Ungasan, attempted to offer an alternative podracing event, the Ungasan Cross Country,[1] but in 27 BBY he was discovered to be using the Cross Country as a front for illegal mining activities.[2]

In 22 BBY, the Ando Overland remained one of the most popular podracing events of the galaxy (apparently having left behind the Ungasan times). However, the capture of the Desilijic leader Zorba Desilijic Tiure unleashed a financial crisis for the clan which, combined with the increasing opposition to podracing, augured the abandoning of the Ando Overland and other Desilijic-sponsored courses.[2]



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