"Could the Ando separation have been prevented?"
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The Ando separation was a conflict concerning the planet Ando around 22 BBY.


In the aftermath of the costly Horos Spine Incident, a Galactic Senate session saw the formal departure of Ando and Sy Myrth from the Republic. The world's representatives, Senators Po Nudo and Toonbuck Toora did not appear in the Senate during the session.

The conflictEdit

As news of the separation reached Ando, Aqualish from all over the planet converged in the Quantill City square to celebrate and denounce the Republic. Several Senate Guards were burned in anger. Senator Nudo was not seen on Ando during this conflict and was likely heading back from Coruscant.


After the battle, a HoloNet poll asked if the secession could have been prevented. 22% of responders said yes, and the other 78% said no. The Andoan Free Colonies refused to support the secession, remaining loyal to the Republic.

Many Aqualish began to leave other planets for their homeworld, while many Loyalists on Ando were expected to leave.

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