The Andoan Free Colonies were fifteen planets established circa 102 BBY in the Lambda sector of the Mid Rim, which were colonized by the Aqualish of the planet Ando. In 57 BBY, the colonies declared independence from the Spiverelda government of Ando, beginning the long and bloody Andoan Wars. The Free Colonies suffered a serious defeat at the Battle of Raquish in 39 BBY, but were saved by the intervention of a Galactic Republic task force, which separated the two sides and enforced demilitarization in the sector.

Smarting at their defeat, Ando was one of the first planets to secede from the Republic and join the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but most of the Free Colonies remained loyal to the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Gorothin Vagger represented the Free Colonies in the Galactic Senate.

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