"Yes, yes, my name has become a household word since I lost to Mika in the finals for the right to champion Rabaan. Every teenager on the planet now thinks of me as 'that other contestant'."
―Andos Delvaren[src]

Andos Delvaren was a Human male warrior from the planet Rabaan. In 2 ABY he was the second best ranked warrior on the planet after losing to Mika Streev in the finals for the right to defend Rabaan's honor against the neighboring planet S'krrr. He was also secretly in league with Imperial Governor Klime and was part of a plan to trigger a war between the Rabaanites and the S'krrr that would warrant increased Imperial presence in the system. In the end Streev, Leda Kyss, and her Rebel Alliance allies foiled the plan and Delvaren fled the system.

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