Andreaus Thos was a male Pureblood Sith Lord of the Sith Empire living during the Galactic War. In 3641 BBY he was assigned the command of the Special Operations Group One sent into Belsavis prison on a mission to free the captured Dread Masters. After successfully breaching the Tomb, Lord Thos led part of the group to free the Sith prisoners incarcerated in the Stasis block 44. Republic forces working with the privateer Zale Barrows ambushed Thos's group and nearly wiped them out, but the timely arrival of a bounty hunter pursuing Barrows turned the tide against the Republic forces and allowed Thos to contiue his mission.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lord Thos appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic during the Bounty Hunter class mission on Belsavis. Cut content in the game files indicates that he was supposed to make appearance during the Bounty Hunter class story on Sleheyron, which was also cut.


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