Andrik was a Human male who served the Galactic Republic until he joined the resurgent Sith Empire during the Cold War.


In 3643 BBY, Captain Andrik and a group of former members of the Republic Special Forces left and followed Harron Tavus' advice in joining the Sith Empire. He salvaged a battle droid named M1-4X and attempted to fully activate him on Nar Shaddaa, using his own command codes to turn him against the Republic.

However, he soon encountered the new Havoc Squad lieutenant, who was tasked with tracking down the traitors. At first trying to order Forex to kill the lieutenant, he attempted to bluff the lieutenant into backing down by saying he was on a top secret mission for Tavus. The lieutenant revealed that they were the CO of Havoc Squad, and Andrik ordered his fellow traitors to kill them while he took Forex. Andrik later contacted a group of Imperial officers, only to find the lieutenant had beaten his team and was now confronting the Imperials. Andrik callously told Major Zardres that they were going to buy him time to power up M1, but his attitude led to Zardres peacefully telling Havoc Squad where he was.

Eventually cornered in Shadow Town, Andrik hypocritically cursed the lieutenant's actions against the traitors, saying a soldier's true loyalty was to their fellow soldiers, but his foe knew Andrik was wrong. Andrik attempted to kill Havoc Squad's lieutenant in the resulting fire fight, but failed.


"When you're bleeding out in a trench on some muckball planet, it ain't High Command that pulls you out--it's the guy next to you."
―Andrik to the Havoc Lieutenant[src]

Andrik felt that a soldier's true loyalty was to their fellow soldiers, particularly the ones who fought side by side on the battlefield. However he also felt Tavus was right to try to betray the lieutenant on Ord Mantell because the Lieutenant was loyal to the Republic.

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