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Andris was the most common spice variant. Mined on Sevarcos II, it was commonly added to food, both for its properties of enhancing flavor and preventing spoilage, the latter of which made it especially valuable on extremely slow starships early in the days of galactic travel. Raw andris, when mined, was tan and crumbly, and was originally used in this form; however, it was later learned that it could be refined to a white crystalline form that also provided a slight sensory enhancement to its users. Andris could be further refined into an addictive stimulant form that provided for even stronger sensory enhancement. Deep freezing also greatly enhanced its properties. While raw and refined, andris was legal under both the Old Republic and Galactic Empire, the highly-refined variety was not. Both COMPNOR and the Imperial Board of Foodstuffs and Consumables praised andris, and the Imperial military allowed its use by its soldiers; it was believed by some that this marked an attempt by the Empire to drug the Galaxy into submission.



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