Anem was the capital city of the planet Nyemari. The Nyemari Royal Palace was located there, as was the Nyemari Imperial Military Installation. In 1 ABY, a team of Rebel Alliance members infiltrated the Duchess' Royal Palace to steal her access codes. The Rebels escaped the Palace in an airspeeder, leading the Royal guards on a chase through Anem before going back to their ship at the South Anem Spaceport. The Rebels then had an encounter with a Glymphid messenger; the hologram he gave the Rebels before being killed led them to the Sixela system.


Anem was the capital city of the planet Nyemari. The planet's rulers resided there, in the Nyemari Royal Palace. The Nyemari Imperial Military Installation was also in the city. The city's spaceport was the most modern, architecturally sophisticated port in the Meridian sector. The city itself was a maze of skyscrapers, a veritable forest of transparisteel and duracrete. One of the towers was thirty stories tall.[1]

The South Anem Spaceport, a large warehouse, was located a few kilometers away in an area where the city's edge bled into the desert. Other portions of Anem were dusty and disused with trash strewn about.[1]


In 1 ABY, the planet's Duchess resided in the Royal Palace. That year, a team of Rebel Alliance operatives infiltrated the Palace to steal the Duchess' access codes to the Nyemaril Imperial Military facility. Their mission succeeded, but they were forced to flee the Royal Palace in a commandeered airspeeder. A group of Royal guards chased them through the city on 74-Z speeder bikes; the Rebels blasted through buildings when they could not go around them.[1]

Eventually, the guards fell behind and the Rebels escaped to where they had hid their starship, the Millennium Falcon at the South Anem Spaceport. Once there, they were met by the Nyemarian mechanic Li Preni, who told them they were being followed. Thinking it was a bounty hunter, the Rebels pursued the Glymphid through the alleys of Anem until they cornered him in a dusty, disused plaza. The Glymphid brought out a hologram to give to Luke Skywalker from Rezi Soresh; the hologram threatened the death of 100 hostages if Skywalker did not come meet Soresh in the Sixela system. The Glymphid then died from a time-delayed poison and the Rebels left to meet Soresh.[1]

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Anem was established in Alex Wheeler's 2010 book Rebel Force: Uprising.


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