Anglang Lehet was a Caskadag male who spent more than a century in his trade as a criminal for the Cularin Syndicate. At some point Lehet spent a night in the casino city of Canto Bight with the vaporator salesbeing Kedpin Shoklop.


Anglang Lehet worked as an enforcer for the Cularin Syndicate for one hundred and two years before he bought his way out of it, so long as he stayed out of their way. Upon leaving the Syndicate, Anglang took up freelance roles, where he sometimes killed innocent people in order to complete his job, though it pained him greatly when he had to.[1]

After leaving the Syndicate, Anglang found himself in Canto Bight on Cantonica taking up contracts.[1] He served as a mentor to up and coming criminals. The Canto Bight Police Department allowed Lehet to carry out his business in exchange for Lehet sharing his student's profiles with them.[2]

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