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Ania Solo
Ania Solo
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Legacy era[1]

"Not scum. Ania. Ania Solo."
―Ania Solo[src]

Ania Solo was a Human female who was a member of the House of Solo, a descendant of the smuggler Han Solo and the Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo. By 138 ABY, Solo was working as a junk dealer in the Carreras system, and she accidentally discovered the lightsaber of Imperial Knight Yalta Val after an Imperial communications droid containing the lightsaber turned up in her junkyard. Enlisting the help of her Mon Calamari friend Sauk, Solo attempted to sell the weapon on Carreras Major, but soon became the target of a Sith posing as Val when the Sith learned that she had his lightsaber. Pursued by the star system's security forces, Solo, Sauk, and their friend AG-37 joined forces with the Imperial Knight Jao Assam in order to locate the real Val, but they were captured by security forces not long afterwards, and Solo's friends were injured in a battle with the Sith during their escape attempt. Determined to save her friends, Solo pursued the Sith and helped prevent the Sith's attempt to execute the real Master Val live on a galaxy-wide broadcast, and Solo was able to save her friends and escape the destruction of the Carreras communications array.


Early life and the discoveryEdit

"You know, I'm not originally from the Carreras system. I ended up there almost by accident. Some people thought I'd come to a bad end. Some thought I was destined for greatness. They were both wrong. I bought myself a junkyard and ignored them. I don't believe in destiny."
―Ania Solo[src]

A Human female descendant of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo,[2] Ania Solo lived through the Second Imperial Civil War of 130138 ABY, in which the Galactic Empire under the Sith Lord Darth Krayt was defeated by the Alliance of the Empire-in-exile, the New Jedi Order, and the Galactic Alliance Remnant.[1] Early in her life, some people believed that Solo would come to a bad end, while others believed that she had a great destiny ahead of her; Solo, on the other hand, did not believe in destiny. By 138 ABY, Solo ended up almost by accident in the Carreras system, a star system near the Surd Nebula in the Outer Rim Territories, and she purchased a junkyard.[3] An individual named Tham and its partner delivered a shipment to her, and Tham became agitated when Solo refused to pay their price of ten thousand credits. The Human attempted to threaten her, but Solo summoned a large droid which she ordered to escort Tham and the man back to their starship.[1]

Ania and Sauk
Solo and Sauk discover the lightsaber

While looking through the shipment of junk, Solo discovered an Imperial communications droid, which had actually been launched by the crew of Imperial Knight Yalta Val a week earlier before their ship had been attacked. Solo took the droid to an ice mining platform in the rings of Carreras Minor, where she met with her friend Sauk and showed the Mon Calamari the comm droid. However, as Sauk examined the droid, the pair discovered Val's lightsaber, and Solo urged Sauk to shut off the lightsaber almost immediately when he activated the weapon. She then convinced Sauk to help her sell the lightsaber, persuading the Mon Calamari that it was their chance at a big score.[1]

On Carreras Major, Sauk and Solo witnessed a guard shoot an alien in the middle of the street, and she brushed aside Sauk's complaints and led him to a nearby shop. However, the owner refused to even consider buying the weapon in fear of being discovered by Governor Biala's security forces. When the shop owner insinuated that he might turn the pair in for possessing the weapon, Solo angrily confronted him, but the owner threw both Solo and Sauk out into the street. They were quickly set upon by a mounted guard, and Solo ran into an alleyway with Sauk to avoid the guard—but the two were forced to stop before they ran into a crowded intersection, allowing the guard to catch up to them. Angered by how the man called her and Sauk scum, Solo refused the guard's order to hand over the lightsaber and drew her blaster instead, shooting the man in the stomach and killing him.[1]


"Look, I'm sorry, Sauk."
"You're sorry, but I'm a refugee again. Only now I'm a criminal, too. Why can't you ever leave well enough alone, Ania?"
"I didn't plan for any of this. I just—"
―Ania Solo and Sauk[src]
Solo and the saber
Solo and the lightsaber

Pursued by more guards, the two fled through Carreras Major's sewers in Solo's ship, and Solo ordered Sauk to use the lightsaber to defend them when she realized that the targeting lead on the vessel was damaged. When Sauk accidentally damaged a pipe when Solo swerved after being hit by their pursuers, Solo used the cloud of smoke that issued from it to escape through an access tunnel to the surface. The two returned to Solo's junkyard, where Sauk continued to work on the Imperial comm droid, but Solo insisted that she would not abandon Sauk, though she intended to get rid of the lightsaber. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of AG-37, a droid and frequent customer that Solo was friends with, and she directed him to the north side of the junkyard to find a linear converter. Before departing, AG-37 warned Solo to get rid of the lightsaber, and it was only minutes later that an Imperial Knight arrived with guards from Carreras, demanding the return of the lightsaber.[4]

However, Solo refused to give him the weapon, claiming ownership by right of salvage, and she summoned her large droid to convince the Knight to leave. However, the Knight simply pulled the lightsaber out of her grasp and used it to destroy the droid before he departed, ordering the guards to kill Solo and Sauk. Fortunately for the two, the guards were distracted by several gesaw rats scavenging the remains of Solo's droid, allowing Sauk and Solo to escape into the junkyard. Firing at her pursuers, Solo and Sauk fled deeper into the junkyard, but the timely arrival of AG-37 saved them from execution as he eliminated the guards. AG-37 brought the two aboard his ship and offered to take them as far as Bonadan, and when Solo questioned him as to why he was helping them, he confused her by explaining that he always paid his debts.[4]

The droid then expressed his suspicions about the Imperial Knight's hostile actions, and Solo headed back to apologize to Sauk for the trouble she had caused, though his resentment was cut short when he repaired the comm droid enough to the point where it began to display a hologram. The droid displayed an image of an Imperial Knight battling a Sith, prompting Solo to call for AG-37, and the droid pointed out that the Knight in the hologram—the one using the lightsaber that Solo had discovered—was not the same Knight who had attacked them at Solo's junkyard. Their conversation was interrupted by the ship's proximity alarm, and the three were dismayed to see an entire blockade of ships.[4]

Solo and AG-37 battle
Solo and AG-37 defend the ship.

Forced to turn back towards the interior of the Carreras system, AG-37 followed Sauk's instructions and headed towards an unstable part of Carreras Minor's ice ring, piloting the freighter through tunnels in the ice as their Carreras starfighter pursuers followed. Thinking of a way to stop the fighters, Solo rushed to the freighter's cargo bay and opened it, venting Sauk's ship and sending it flying into the starfighters, which were unable to avoid it in the narrow tunnel and collided with the ship. AG-37 quickly landed the freighter on Carreras Minor's surface, where Sauk finished repairing the comm droid as Solo grew frustrated with the group's decision to sit and wait. However, the ship was attacked by a tentacled creature, prompting AG-37 to head outside after ordering Solo into the pilot seat, but Solo passed his orders on to Sauk and headed outside with AG-37, donning a face mask and grabbing a blaster.[5]

While battling the creature, Solo was nearly killed by one of its limbs, but the timely arrival of Imperial Knight Jao Assam saw him defend her and then drive off the creature enough for the ship to escape, though the two were nearly thrown off the top of the freighter in the process. Solo immediately drew her blaster on the Knight when they landed nearby, and Assam explained to AG-37 and Solo that he was looking for his mentor, Yalta Val. AG-37 convinced Sauk and Solo to stand down, explaining that "Val" had been attacking them, and the Imperial comm droid showed Assam the hologram of the fight. Assam identified the Knight in the hologram as Yalta Val, leading the group to realize that the Knight they had encountered before was an impostor, and AG-37 allowed Assam to load his starfighter into the freighter's hold before the group departed the planet to find the real Val.[5]

Helping her friendsEdit

"No. Listen. Solo wasn't special. He was a criminal. But he stepped up when everything depended on him. He did because it was the right thing to do… and because his friends needed him."
Not an option
Solo and Sauk imprisoned

Evading more pursuing starfighters, the group followed the comm droid's coordinates into the Surd Nebula, though they were surprised when their pursuers broke off upon reaching the edge of the nebula. To the surprise of Solo and the others, when the freighter arrived at the coordinates where Val had vanished, there was no planet to be found, and they were soon captured in the tractor beam of a larger ship.[5] Dozens of tiny droids burst through the hull when the freighter was deposited in the larger ship's hangar, and Solo and her friends were forced out into the hangar where they were captured by Carreras guards. Knocked unconscious and imprisoned in holding cells on the Carreras communications array with Sauk and a deactivated AG-37, Solo began searching for a way out immediately upon awaking, but her efforts were in vain. Some time later, Sauk came to the realization that the planet they had been searching for had in fact moved, though the two were unable to do anything with the knowledge at the time.[6]

The three of them were finally freed when Jao Assam was liberated from his separate imprisonment by Governor Biala, who had realized that the false Knight was trying to destroy the array. Solo was insulted by Assam's insistence that they would be unable to take on the Sith without Master Val, and she continued to argue with the Knight as they headed to the hangar—but when they encountered the Sith in the hangar, Solo ignored Assam's warnings and opened fire on the Sith's departing ship. The Sith escaped the explosion and leaped back to the hangar floor, where he choked Solo with the Force and threw her aside. The Sith made short work of AG-37 and sent Sauk flying into the bulkhead before engaging Assam in a duel, and though Assam was able to score several hits on the Sith, the fight ended with Assam being tossed out of the hangar into space as the Sith escaped in a new ship.[6]

Bdow dow dow dow
Solo attacks Darth Wredd.

When Solo came to, she was horrified to find the hangar destroyed after the battle, and AG-37 urged her to pursue the Sith and stop him, reminding her that her ancestor Han Solo had become a hero because he always helped his friends. Grabbing Assam's fallen lightsaber, Solo took Assam's starfighter and headed for the moving planet—now located just in front of the communications array—in pursuit of the Sith. Spotting the Sith's shuttle, Solo headed down into a series of caverns, where she found the newly-proclaimed Darth Wredd declaring an insurgency and preparing to execute Yalta Val live on camera, a spectacle that was being broadcast all over the galaxy using the Carreras communications array. Solo interrupted Wredd's speech and opened fire upon the Sith, but he used the Force to disarm her before he entangled her in wreckage and threw her to the floor.[2]

However, Yal summoned Assam's lightsaber from Solo's boot just in time to free himself and stop Wredd from executing him, and the two began to duel as Solo freed herself. Seeing that the array was about to crash into the planet, Solo fled the caves and returned to Assam's fighter in hopes of saving Sauk and AG-37 from the array, and she dragged her injured friends to the freighter despite Sauk's pleas that she save AG-37 and get to safety. Escaping aboard the freighter, AG-37 flew back down to the planet's surface and Solo rushed to the boarding ramp so that Master Val could leap aboard, and the freighter escaped just before the array crashed into the planet. Tending to Sauk in the medbay, Solo apologized to her unconscious friend for involving him and getting him hurt, but Val and Solo were called to the cockpit by AG-37 when the droid encountered a surprise—Jao Assam, floating in space but still alive thanks to the Imperial comm droid. Solo began to care for Assam in the medbay as well when they brought the injured Knight aboard, and Solo repeated her apology to Sauk when the Mon Calamari awoke—but Sauk brushed it off, reminding Solo that she had saved all of her friends.[2]

Hunting Darth WreddEdit

"We have to find him. We have to stop him. If we don't, no one else will."
―Ania Solo[src]

The group immediately set off in pursuit of Darth Wredd, but damage to the ship soon left them dead in space, and the group tended to their wounded as they activated the Imperial comm droid to call for help. Solo and her friends were soon met by the Imperial Star Destroyer Animus, which brought AG-37's ship aboard, and Solo was given a brief tour by one of the Imperial officers, who informed her that Empress Marasiah Fel herself was impressed with Solo's actions during the recent crisis. Fel was requesting a formal audience, and the officer expressed her belief that Solo could gain a comfortable assignment on the capital Coruscant from the audience, as the Triumvirate wished to keep her happy. Solo soon learned from Sauk that AG-37 had offered her friend a job as an engineer on his ship, and AG-37 offered her a place on his ship as well, but when she decided to take the offer on Coruscant, the droid advised her to remain alert before departing the Animus with Sauk.[3]

A little while later, Jao Assam confided in Solo that he had foreseen Darth Wredd attacking the Empress, and the Knight admitted his belief that Wredd wished to make Assam his apprentice to reinstate the Rule of Two Sith doctrine. When Assam brought up the idea of destiny after the two discussed Wredd's megalomania and his desire to kill off the other Sith, Solo confided in the Imperial that she did not believe in destiny, and the two agreed to do what the Empress expected of them. However, Solo eventually decided otherwise and went to Assam's quarters, where she convinced him to join her in hunting down Wredd. Once Assam had donned his armor, the two headed for the hangar to secure a ship, but found Master Val and a squad of stormtroopers waiting for them.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"You have to try. Your family has always—"
"Stop it. Those people don't have anything to do with me. Do I look like royalty? I work in a junkyard. I wish I could be someone like that—look, I'm just not."
―AG-37 and Solo[src]
Solo says no
Solo refuses to give the Knight the lightsaber.

A Human female, Ania Solo had black hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. She was independent and stood up for herself, and she leaped at the chance to move onto something bigger after she and Sauk discovered the lightsaber of Imperial Knight Yalta Val. [1] When "Yalta Val" confronted her and demanded his lightsaber back, Solo stood up to him, believing that the law was on her side and that she had the right of salvage to the weapon. However, when the Knight's forces attacked them, Solo came to regret her actions and viewed them as stupid and brash.[4] When roused to action, Solo disliked waiting and planning, believing that one should be proactive, and inactivity was a source of great frustration to her.[5] She was also particularly loyal to her friends, and she was unwilling to put them in harm's way unless she was there with them. When Sauk, AG-37, and Assam were injured in the fight with the Sith that Solo had started, Solo was dismayed and angry with herself for causing them harm, and she apologized to Sauk for her actions—though, as Sauk pointed out, Solo risked her life to remedy her errors and to save her friends.[2] Solo was of the opinion that all governments were essentially corrupt, and she was hostile to Jao Assam upon meeting him in the belief that he was like the Sith impostor.[5]

In Solo's opinion, a smart individual was one that recognized an opportunity and took it, and Solo almost never refused to give up—when captured, she began searching for a way out,[6] and it was only when she was reminded of danger to her friends that Solo began to lose hope in situations. Solo refused to be compared with her famous ancestors in the Solo family, for though she desired to be a hero like them, Solo felt that she was incapable of doing so. However, when AG-37 reminded her of how Han Solo had become a hero because he always did the right thing to rescue her friends, Solo put aside her self-doubt and became determined to rescue her friends and stop the Sith.[2] Solo was inventive, using Sauk's ship as a weapon against the pursuing starfighters when she realized that AG-37's freighter was unarmed,[5] and she prided herself on being a good shot with a blaster.[6] Solo was also a capable pilot, able to pilot starfighters, freighters, and other ships of various sizes and models.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"The idea of a female lead was pitched to us, and that was a big, big thing that drew us to this project. It's fundamentally the opportunity to do something different in the "Star Wars" universe. It's a female character driving things so it gives you a new perspective on the universe but it's also a new way to tell classic "Star Wars" stories—or a classic type of "Star Wars" story—just from a fresh perspective."
―Gabriel Hardman[src]

Ania Solo is the protagonist of the comic series Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2, a sequel to the original and similarly-named Star Wars: Legacy. The series is being written by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, and additionally penciled by Hardman. The idea of a female lead originated outside of the writing team, but it played a significant role in drawing them to the project—both Bechko and Hardman believe it will allow them to write Star Wars from a fresh perspective. They have described her as a character who relies on her wits and does not take a lot of guff, but is nevertheless not a traditional badass female. Hardman hopes she will be "an inspiring but very down-to-Earth human sort of character, as well.[7]

Solo was first revealed to the public on December 3, 2012, in a solicitation for the series released on Comic Book Resources. She was identified as Han and Leia Organa Solo's great-granddaughter,[8] but Dark Horse Comics' solicitation for Legacy's first issue later named her as their great-great-granddaughter.[9] Bechko and Hardman have stated that how exactly she is related to them is a mystery that will not be revealed soon.[7]


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