Ania Solo owned a junkyard on the moon of backwater planet of Carreras Minor in the Carreras system around 138 ABY. Inhabited by power-eating gesaw rats, who often went hungry, and a hulking security droid, the yard was large enough for a ship to land in one section unnoticed by people in another.[2]

Tham and his accomplice attempted to extort money from Ania, demanding ten thousand credits for a shipment of junk she valued at two hundred. When Ania refused their offer, they attempted to threaten her only to be hauled away by SD. Ania went through their haul and found a damaged comm droid, which she took to her friend Sauk aboard the orbiting ice mining platform. Inside the droid, he found an Imperial Knight lightsaber and the two went to Carreras Major to sell the blade where they ran afoul of the law.[3] Fleeing security forces, Ania and Sauk retreated to the junkyard and were met by Ania's client AG-37. The Sith Darth Wredd, who was posing as Imperial Knight Yalta Val, tracked them down with the help of Shifala security forces. The Sith destroyed SD, and the droid's body was immediately set upon by gesaw rats, a distraction that allowed Ania and Sauk to escape. AG-37 rescued them from the Sith's forces and took them from the junkyard aboard his freighter.[2]