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"Ania, what are you doing? That thing's got no weapons! You're going to get yourself killed!"

In 138 ABY, the junk dealer Ania Solo owned a small, personal starship. She kept it with her at her junk yard, but she brought it to an ice mining platform in the rings of Carreras Minor in that year. There, she showed her friend Sauk an Imperial communications droid that she had found, and the two of them suddenly discovered a lightsaber inside of the droid. They went to Carreras Major to sell it,[1] but their attempts led to a getaway from the law, which saw them pilot Solo's ship through a sewer system. As Sauk, an engineer, had not fixed the ship's targeting lead, they only escaped when he used the lightsaber to cut open a steam pipe and blind their speeder bike pursuers.[2] The ship was later loaded onto a freighter that belonged to their friend AG-37, but Solo jettisoned her ship from the freighter's cargo hold in order to destroy some Carreras starfighters that were chasing them. The resulting explosion destroyed her starship as well.[3]


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