The Anih'cam Xesued was a large speeder that was operated by a group of Caarites on the planet Caarimon during the Clone Wars. The speeder's name was a Caarimala phrase that roughly translated into Basic as "Family Wagon."

In about 21 BBY, a group of freelance agents from the Cularin system hired some speeder bikes and traveled to the Desolation region of Caarimon. However, the agents were attacked by a group of Believers and their bikes were disabled. The agents then contacted the speeder bikes' owners, who subsequently made their way to the Desolation aboard the Anni'cam Xesued to pick up the agents.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Annih'cam Xesued was created by Morrie Mullins and appeared in Belly of the Beaast, a 2003 roleplaying adventure that formed part of the Metatheran Caution trilogy of the Living Force campaign. During the adventure, the players roleplay as the group of freelance agents that travel to Caarimon and the Anih'cam Xesued appears only if the agents speeder bikes are destroyed by the Believers.