The Animus

"This is Her Imperial Majesty's Star Destroyer Animus... ...Prepare for emergency docking procedures."
―Animus' commander to Ania Solo's ship[src]

The Animus was a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer utilized by the Fel Empire in 138 ABY. Because of the formation of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, it also saw usage in the Triumvirate as well.

After Ania Solo and her crew sent a distress call after their ship ended up damaged while pursuing Darth Wredd, the Animus, having picked up their signal, prepared emergency boarding for the vessel, with one of Solo's crewmates, Sauk, pondering whether this was a good thing. Afterwards, a female officer welcomed Solo aboard the Animus, also noting that it was rare for civilians to appear on a Star Destroyer, especially civilians from the Outer Rim, with her also relaying that Empress Marasiah Fel was impressed in Solo's role in saving the Imperial Knight Yalta Val from the Carreras system and requested Solo's presence in front of a formal audience regarding the Triumvirate, to Solo's confusion.