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Anjiliac clan

The Anjiliac Hutts of Point Nadir lead by Zietta Anjiliac.

Anjiliac was a Hutt clan. It was very influential and powerful during, and after, the Galactic Civil War. They controlled the shadowport Point Nadir.


The Anjiliac clan was a syndicate of merchants and spice-dealers led by Zietta Anjiliac. Affiliated with Anjiliac Kajidic, Zietta's organization controlled the shadowport Point Nadir and extended beyond it. Its primary sources of income were gambling, extortion, spice trading and slavery. While Zietta was the public face of operation, the majority of the decisions were done by a Wroonian female named Tis Dolan, who manipulated the Hutt to her own ends. During the Second Imperial Civil War, Anjiliac kajidic was led by Vedo Anjiliac Atirue. His nephew, Azzim Anjiliac Atirue was also a member, and oversaw the sacred world of Da Soocha and its moon Napdu, where he ran a spa called Maya Armus.


Behind the scenes

The Anjiliac clan was created by Jeff Grubb and first appeared in the 2001 role-playing adventure Tempest Feud. According to Grubb, the names of the Anjiliac Hutts were tuckerizations that were intended as a reference to the Corleone familiy,[1] the protagonists of the 1972 Oscar-winning film The Godfather.



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