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The Ankarres Sapphire, also known as the Antares crystal, was a crystal that possessed legendary healing powers and numerous other effects. It was one of the most potent crystals that could be used in lightsaber creation. It was also a crystal of great power and could aid a Jedi in battle.



The Ankarres Sapphire

Legend has it that this sapphire could only be wielded by light-siders. If the crystal or saber was to be touched by someone dark, it would slowly heat up and burn their hand. Supposedly, this effect could apparently be reversed if it fell into the wrong hands.

The crystal may have been found by Meetra Surik at some point in 3951 BBY. It was also held on board the Kuari Princess by Dom Pricina until the jewel was stolen by 4-LOM sometime before the Battle of Yavin. The droid pawned the sapphire on Darlyn Boda, but when it did not sell, 4-LOM brought it back to his partner, Zuckuss. He then attempted to use the Ankarres Sapphire to heal both the Gand and Samoc Farr. It has remained with the bounty hunter since.



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