Dr. Anki Pace was a female Human xenoarchaeologist who taught at the University of Agamar.


Born to parents on Carida, Anki Pace attended the Mrlsst Trade and Science Academy and was studying for her doctorate in 4 ABY. During her studies, members of the New Republic's Rogue Squadron were present during a time that would later be known as the Phantom Affair. A close friend of Koyi Komad, Pace attained her doctorate while Komad joined the Rogues and married one of its members, Nrin Vakil; Dr. Pace was present at the wedding.[1]

Years later, Dr. Pace had gotten a job as a professor at the University of Agamar, working in the xenoarchaeology department. In 25 ABY, Dr. Pace was sent to Bimmiel with a team including students Jens, Vil, Trista Orlanis, and Denna. There, the team uncovered ancient Jedi artifacts, suspecting Jedi involvement in the thefts of the artifacts that left their guardians with amnesia. While on Bimmiel, they also discovered something else—the mummified corpse of Mongei Shai, a warrior of the Yuuzhan Vong.[2]



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