An ankkox was a large ungulate native to Haruun Kal and domesticated as a riding mount for the Korunnai natives of that planet. The largest animals on the planet, they were twice as big as grassers, or about 1.5 times as big as a bantha, but lower and wider. They had shelled hides, splayed feet, and three pairs of side-mounted legs. Their orange-gold eyes were the size of a Human head, and their armored-beaked heads were the size of landspeeders.

They were heavily armored except for the tail, which was highly flexible. At the end of its tail, there was a thick ball of armor, called a "tail mace." These tail maces were taken from young ankkox by the Korunnai to use in herding grassers. An adult ankkox could snap its tail mace so quickly that it could not be seen by Human eyes, but with enough power to shatter a tree.

Driver chairs were bolted to their head-shells, and passenger-carriers could be fitted on their back. Kar Vastor used an ankkox to bring Depa Billaba to see Mace Windu.



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