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"When the Espos came to evict us from our colony world, some Trianii tried armed resistance."

The Trianii colony world Fibuli was annexed by the Corporate Sector Authority in a three month long military campaign.


"The Trianii had settled a planet on the fringes of Authority space generations before the Corporate Sector was chartered."

The Trianii were explorers by nature, and by the time the Corporate Sector was chartered they had settled no fewer than six systems, including the Fibuli system. Like all Trianii colonies Fibuli was an independent, self-sustaining community, but the famed Trianii Rangers served as an independent security force to protect the planet. Peace faltered, however, in the face of growing expansion by the Corporate Sector Authority, which began to claim territory dangerously near Trianii space. When the CSA claimed Fibuli in 2 BBY, they expected the Trianii to retreat to their other worlds. Instead, the Trianii offered resistance.[1]

The CampaignEdit

"The Espos were brutal in their interrogation of prisoners, seeking the ringleaders. It was the first time I had seen anyone use The Burning."

The Security Police are not accustomed to open warfare, but nonetheless the conquest of Fibuli lasted a mere three months.[1] This was expedited by the brutality of Security Police interrogators, who ruthlessly tortured captured Trianii for information on the whereabouts of the leaders of the Trianii resistance. Their torture methods included The Burning, where flesh is scorched off the bone of living prisoners. Many Trianii Rangers fought against the Security Police, including Atuarre and her mate Keeheen, but in the end Fibuli fell. Atuarre managed to escape, but her mate and her cub Pakka were captured. She managed to rescue Pakka on her own, but the tortures he had suffered traumatized him, and he refused to speak. Keeheen was shipped to the Corporate Sector Authority prison at Stars' End.[2]


"We are Trianii; death, if it comes to that, is not something we fear."

Although the annexation of Fibuli was a victory for the Corporate Sector Authority, the Trianii saw the campaign as an act of war. The conflict between the Authority and the Trianii Rangers is ongoing, and thus far the Galactic Empire has refused to support either side.[1]



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