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Anniha Nega was a Human male who became one Coruscant's premier bounty hunters by his early twenties.


Upon becoming a member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, he forged numerous kill certificates on his employee profile to help kick-start his fledgling career. Soon, everyone from the criminal kingpins Volven Roxe and Quetemoor to wealthy politicians in the Senate district had scrambled to hire him.

To create a certain mystique, he wore a full-body suit of Ithullian war armor beneath a woven desert poncho—conveniently hiding his true identity. As a further precaution, he required all prospective clients to place a written request beneath a particular paving stone in Monument Plaza. If Nega chose to accept, he would later contact his employers anonymously to discuss terms.

He employed a tracking device to help tail marks, and wielded a blaster carbine, an ion pistol, and a force pike in combat. He flew his personal starfighter— the Flare a modified Z-95 Headhunter—when taking an offworld assignment.


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