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The Ret were sapient reptilians, indigenous to Gelefil. They had heavy-lidded eyes and scales which changed colors with their emotions. They were also long-lived with the average lifespan of hundreds of years.

When the Annoo-dat conquered their home planet, its name was changed to Annoo after the original homeworld of the Annoo-dat Prime. After a century of Annoo-dat rule, the Rets came to call themselves Annoo-dat and the two cultures largely merged with the Dat-an language replacing Tra'ang'a as the most common language on the planet. To distinguish between the two species, xenobiologists called the Ret Annoo-dat Blue and the original Annoo-dat Annoo-dat Prime. Neither species made such distinctions.

The notorious crime syndicate, the Fromm Gang, was based on Annoo and was for the most part composed of Annoo-dat Blue.



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