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"Annoying female" was an appellation used by Pizztov to refer to a companion of his. She tried to coax Pizztov into giving her the box, although he struck her for talking out of line. After Sintas Vel and Boba Fett arrived to retrieve the box, Pizztov threatened her life by using her as a human shield in order to ensure his escape, although Sintas and Boba didn't care either way. She was last seen expressing relief that she hadn't died from the firefight after Pizztov decided to "play rude" by throwing her at Sintas while firing at Boba Fett.

Behind the scenesEdit


Pizztov strikes his pointy-eared companion.

On the Message Boards, Leland Y. Chee, maintainer of the Holocron continuity database, stated that his theory is that "all pointy-eared species are either Sephi or closely related to Sephi."[1]


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