Anod was a male Human and the second son of King Lorac and Queen Denira of the planet Velmor.


King Lorac staunchly defied the encroachment of Emperor Palpatine's New Order, but there were many on Velmor, including Anod who threw their support behind the new regime. A large quantity of Imperial gold paved the way for a coup against the king and queen, and Lorac and Denira were murdered. Anod's older brother, Prince Denid, fled from Velmor with his consort, the Lady Loren and his trusted aide, Jedidiah. Anod remained behind in the royal palace in Den Velmor. The royal regent, Zelor, took control of the throne until such time that Anod would come of age to accept the duties himself.

Three years after the Battle of Yavin, Prince Anod prepared for his coronation wherein he would be crowned King of all of Velmor. Regent Zelor aided him in this process, but was secretly working with an Imperial attaché named Captain Zeta Traal to unseat Anod at the first given opportunity and secure the throne for himself. He likewise held a similar plan in store for Traal herself.

After spending twenty years in exile, Prince Denid finally returned to Velmor. With the aid of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia (undercover as Korl Marcus and Lady Loren), he asserted himself as the heir apparent to the throne. Anod conspired with Traal to have Prince Denid killed, but the scheme failed. When the conspiracy was exposed, Captain Traal turned against Zelor and Anod. She shot Prince Anod in the chest with a blaster, killing him instantly.