Anoth Base was the secret New Republic facility established on Anoth as a location to safely raise the Solo children.


While seemingly used only as a safehouse to raise the young children of Han and Leia Organa Solo, Anoth Base was much more. It was actually a fully functional and equipped military retreat capable of accommodating over one hundred pilots, soldiers, or dignitaries. It also had berthing capabilities for over a dozen transports.[1]

The main level contained the main hangar, Ops center, conference rooms, and living quarters, including barracks and suites. Additional levels held the mess hall, more barracks, laboratories, and rooms for entertainment, recreation and storage. The lowest level housed the generator and central computer core. The generator room was designed by Admiral Ackbar to appear high tech and eye-catching, but it was in fact a lethal trap for intruders who penetrated the base, and a last-ditch defensive point for the inhabitants. Anyone entering the room that was not authorized by the main computer would activate 12 concealed and camouflaged battle droids. These droids would subdue the intruders with lethal force.[1] The base was also protected by a Foreign Intruder Defense Organism (FIDO), a defensive combat droid designed by Admiral Ackbar himself.[2]


Fido vs mtat

The Battle of Anoth.

When Leia Organa Solo gave birth to twins, Jacen and Jaina, her brother realized the danger if any enemies of the New Republic were to kidnap her Force-sensitive children. Skywalker and Ackbar selected Anoth, a location not found on any star chart, as the location to hide the children. However, the Senate refused to subsidize a project only designed to house and safeguard two infants and their caretaker. This obstacle was overcome and the base was secretly funded to be a highly secure retreat that could be utilized for secret diplomatic meetings, a New Republic Intelligence safehouse, or if the need arose, a military base.[1]

Before, during and after construction was completed, Skywalker, Ackbar and Winter were the only individuals who knew the location of the base. Anyone traveling to Anoth Base, including Han and Leia, was piloted there by one of these three people. Winter raised the children as their full-time caregiver, while their parents visited as often as time permitted.[1] The children were also cared for by a modified TDL/X1 nanny droid.[2]

In 11 ABY, after Jacen and Jaina were old enough to live with their parents, Anakin Solo remained the only child residing at Anoth Base. During this time, when the New Republic government was suffering the absence of Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar, Ambassador Furgan of Carida launched an assault on the facility in an attempt to kidnap the youngest Solo child. He had discovered the location through the unwilling agent Terpfen, who was Ackbar's personal starship mechanic.[2]

Furgan led the assault on Anoth Base personally and after losing nearly half his MT-ATs to the FIDO unit, was able to penetrate the base's blast doors. All his stormtrooper forces were eliminated by the bases interior defenses, until only he remained. He was fortunate enough to dispatch Anakin's armed nanny droid, TDL-3.5, and snatch the infant before being confronted by Leia Organa Solo, Admiral Ackbar and Terpfen. He lost his hold on the baby but was able to escape to a waiting MT-AT. Terpfen pursued him in another MT-AT and after a pitched battle, the Mon Calamari was able to push Furgan's walker over a cliff, ending the ambassador's life and the threat.[2]

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