Anoura was a female Cerean information broker for the Bothan Businessman Elwis Bontraar. Her death caused her sister Zascha to enact revenge on Elwis and kidnap his daughter.


During the reign of the Galactic Republic, Anoura worked as an information broker for the Bothan Elwis Bontraar, a wealthy businessman who lived on the planet Coruscant and was best known for the annual Galactic Costume Extravaganza, a costume party where guests would swap information anonymously. Anoura was eventually killed on a routine mission for Elwis which brought much grief to her Force-sensitive sister, Zascha.


After Anoura's death Zascha blamed Elwis for the loss of her sister and a year later kidnapped Elwis's daughter Jennalyn Bontraar as revenge. She then anonymously contacted Elwis asking for a ransom of 1000 cred sticks to be exchanged for his daughter at the next Galactic Costume Extravaganza aboard his ship the Masquerade. However Elwis hired a number of spacers to find his daughter's kidnapper during the party as did the Hutts of Hutt Space who had been falsely accused of being the kidnappers and wanted to remove the individual who had caused the problem. Zascha attempted to trick and escape the two groups but was eventually found and forced to give up Jennalyn whilst she escaped.