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"What in the three rings of Anstares is goin' on and who is that..."
―A smuggler[src]

Anstares was a gas giant located on the Senex-Juvex Loop in the Anstares system famous for its three vast rings, which also make it a tourist destination for the wealthy people of the galaxy.[2]


Anstares VI was discovered shortly after the Ruusan Reformation of the Galactic Republic was passed. A disgruntled military leader named Thull Vandron left Republic space and colonized the Senex and Juvex sectors, resulting in the habitation of Anstares VI's eight moons. Remaining outside the Republic until the Galactic Senate offered sectoral status, Anstares' moons became a popular tourist attraction for Core Worlders interested in gazing upon the gas giant's three vast rings or the mysterious Thull's Shroud.

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