"Anyone wishing to perform a physical inspection of the device must get written authorization from myself and Doctor Di-go."
―Director Antayen[src]

Antayen was a male Human employee of Czerka Arms during the Cold War. He was the director of the team that worked on Tatooine excavating The Imprisoned One's mind prison and also included Doctors Di-go, Lerek, Soprin and Grommik Kurthson. Eventually their tampering with the ancient device proved disastrous, as despite all their safety precautions The Imprisoned One broke free and killed or enslaved all personnel present at Czerka base at the time. Antayen was among those cybernetically transformed to serve the ancient Rakata's will and remained inside the old Czerka base for decades to come. Eventually, the base was rediscovered in 3643 BBY and an explorer of the base killed Antayen.