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A Fefze with prominent antennae

Antennae were long, thin sensory appendages on the heads of certain species, regardless of their sentience. They were commonly found on insectoid species like the ji-ants,[1] the fire wasps,[2] the Fefze,[3] or the Riilebs.[4] They were also common in crustaceans, with examples including the Sauvax,[5] the Tarc,[6] the yobshrimps,[7] and the crawlfish.[8]

However, antennae could also be found on species belonging to many other biological classifications, such as the gastropodic swamp slug,[7] the reptilian Mulissiki,[9] the mammalian Gesaril,[10] or the avian Fosh.[11] Antennapalps were a type of antennae specific to the mammalian Balosars.[12]



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