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This article is about the floating city in Anthan Prime. You may be looking for other uses of the word.
"My home, the Spire, is in need of funds direly"
"The Spire is a wealth factory. You're rolling in credits, Ek."
"The illusion of wealt! We are trying to demonstrate and project financial strength, but I assure you are weakened by the distribution this war wreaked on the galaxy."
―Senators Ashmin Ek and Oko-Po[src]

The Anthan Spire,[2] also known simply as the Spire,[3] was a city that hovered within the planet Anthan Prime in the Outer Rim Territories. The upper areas of the city were used as a holiday resort for the hyper-rich while the lower levels were used for gambling and other games, like holochess.[1]

The storms around the floating city were fierce but relatively safe as long as one did not fly through them. While they could be navigated through, these storms were unreliable.[3]

It was in the lower levels that a Givin infochant known as The Ante resided.[1] Ashmin Ek, the New Republic senator for Anthan Prime, was from the Spire.[2]

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