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"Wise ArrGack, see if that is not demon of a Squib, coming to give glory on the altar of the Angel of Taxations and Imports."
"Yup, GrrKack, is sure-enough Squib-thing, veritable pseudopod of the Anti-Prophet. Killum quick, but with proper ceremony.
―The Ugor officials GrrKack and ArrGack decide what to do with the Squib Spilferithimus-narlamos[src]

The Anti-Prophet was a malevolent entity in the religious cosmology of the Ugors. Squibs were considered to be the Anti-Prophet's pseudopodia, deserving of death or sacrifice to the Angel of Taxations and Imports.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Scavenger Hunt, p. 14–15.

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