"People of Adumar, I am Wedge Antilles and it is my pleasure to meet you at last. And as a representative of the New Republic, I'm pleased to be present at this historic meeting of our great peoples. I must admit, I find this display very heartwarming. It's possibly the best greeting I've ever received. I'll have to find out if I can replicate it on the walls of my quarters back home. I expect to have more to say when I'm settled in, but for now, thank you for the warm welcome."
Wedge Antilles[src]

The Antilles Four-Step Instant Speech was devised by Wedge Antilles after his promotion to the rank of general, and the host of diplomatic functions the grade came with. Forced to take the podium and address people much more often than he'd like, he designed a rough schematic to improvise a speech in a matter of seconds. Wedge made use of it many times, including his arrival on Adumar, where he confided his 'trick' to his close friends Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson and Derek Klivian.


As the name implies, the "Antilles Four-Step Instant Speech" is a simple collection of four reminders, useful to improvise a successful speech.

– Part One: remind the audience who the speaker is in case they had forgotten.

– Part Two: remind the reason behind the speaker's appearance.

– Part Three: say something personal, to affirm that the speaker had been paying attention to his audience and make a good impression.

– Part Four: finish the speech while the good impression from point Three lasts and before the speaker makes a fool of himself.


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