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This article is about the Corellian family related to Wedge Antilles. You may be looking for the unrelated Alderaanian House of Antilles or the Antilles family of the Galactic Alliance.
"A family name foul with rebel ties."
Birra Seah and Darth Vader[src]

The Antilles family of Corellia was a Human bloodline. Its marital relation to the Fel family created a unique blending of Imperial and New Republic viewpoints.

               Jagged Antilles---+---Zena Antilles
                      |                      |
Soontir Fel--+--Syal Antilles Fel    Wedge Antilles--+--Iella Wessiri
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
             |                                  +----------+
             |                                  |          |
      (see Fel dynasty)                Syal Antilles  Myri Antilles


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Antilles legacy

An heir to the Antilles legacy


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