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The antique Twi'lek pots were a collection of ancient valuable and antique pots made by early Twi'lek civilizations on the planet of Ryloth. During the Rise of the Empire era they were held by the Galactic Museum and stored in the CoCo Town archives on Coruscant. At some point an anonymous wealthy client from the Core Worlds hired the Blank Look Gang to steal them from the museum since they weren't on display and it was felt they wouldn't be missed. Several Blankers attempted the robbery including Hewpaj and Urnon Mossu and reprogrammed a ASP-7 labor droid to bring the pots to the museum's landing platform and then drop them to the waiting criminals below. However several spacers were hired to watch for just such a heist and chase the thieves as they fled eventually capturing them after they crashed, the pots were very likely destroyed or heavily damaged in the process.