Antisepsis fields were a type of energy field umbrella that killed microscopic fungi, mold, bacteria, and spores, developed in the last decades of the Galactic Republic.


They were generally used on worlds such as Haruun Kal and Drongar that contained excessive amounts of harmful microscopic life. In such applications, they could either be set up to cover an entire area such as the customs section of the Pelek Baw spaceport, or used to protect a much smaller item, such as a retrofitted Turbostorm-class gunship. They could also be used for medical purposes, and the Republic Rimsoo field medical units made extensive use of them, placing small fields around the hospital beds of medical patients. One side effect of the fields was that they killed benevolent skin and intestinal flora along with the harmful types, although these beneficial bacteria could be replaced easily with pro-biotic showers for the skin and special tablets for the intestines.



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